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  • Watch
    01 Can We Live Forever?, Explained, Season One – Netflix

    Ever wondered how long our bodies are capable of living? Our life-expectancy has increased dramatically over the years, but will it eventually level off? Geek out over the latest scientific discoveries related to human longevity in this 18-minute Netflix episode from the docuseries, Explained.

  • Read
    02 Lifespan: Why We Age – and Why We Don’t Have To, by
    David Sinclair, PhD

    Recognized as a leader of longevity research and one of Time’s most influential people, David Sinclair, PhD, a tenured professor at Harvard Medical School, offers an optimistic take on our ability to live 100 years young by fighting the disease of aging in his book, Lifespan: Why We Age - and Why We Don’t Have To. Favorite excerpts include the story of his immigrant grandmother and her obsession with being the “perfect age of 6” and sharing that a colleague of Dr. Sinclair once warned him not to be publicly optimistic, “as the public isn’t ready for these numbers”. Of course, Dr. Sinclair disagres as evident in his book, which is filled with his visionary perspective on what the future of health could look like. Available at your local bookstore or on Amazon – 1,358 pages.

  • Listen
    03 Just Say Om (or) Mindfulness Practice

    Being the proponent of nurturing our mind-body connection in all ways we can, our favorite way to unplug is through meditation. If you’re looking for some meditation and mindfulness guidance, we highly recommend the apps Calm and Hindsight - and both have free trials. Check them out on your smartphone or computer.

  • Science and Saucery-Podcast

    Ever wonder what it takes to live a long and healthier life? Science and Saucery can help answer these questions through a series of podcasts featuring nutrition experts. The podcasts shine light on current and past research to inform us on how we can add life to our years by improving our quality of life.

  • Eat
    04 Apples, the skin-e.

    These juicy treats are a great source of fiber and Vitamin C. Make sure to eat the skin too! Apple skin contains flavonoid quercetin, which can reduce inflammation and regulate immune responses. Enjoy!

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