How OS-01 Works on Mature Skin

When we’re young, skin care starts out relatively simple - a face wash, moisturizer and sunscreen will usually do the trick. But as we grow older and develop mature skin with visible signs of aging, product selection becomes much more complicated as we must choose from a wide array of creams, serums, and treatments all promising rejuvenation effects.

During this time, it’s easy to get lost in the new trends and 10-step skincare routines, but it’s important to look past marketing tactics and prioritize your skin’s health and strength above all else. This not only matters for aesthetic purposes, but also for our overall body health, since skin is our largest organ and our first defense against harm from the environment. Luckily, a truly rejuvenating product should improve your skin’s health and aesthetics, as it should induce biologically younger looking (and acting) skin - that’s where OneSkin comes in.

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MAR 22, 2022

Let’s find out why skin ages and how you can turn back time with OneSkin’s OS-01 Topical Supplements.

01OS-01 Reverses the Biological Age of Skin

OneSkin’s Topical Supplements are powered by the proprietary peptide, OS-01: The first peptide scientifically proven to reduce skin’s biological age. So skin doesn’t just look younger, it actually functions like younger skin.

How does the OS-01 peptide do this? The scientists at OneSkin believe OS-01 works by targeting a main driver of aging: cellular senescence. Read on to find out just how much OS-01 impacts cellular senescence and what that means for its effects on mature skin.

02How OS-01 Works: By Reducing Senescent Cells Burden in Skin

As we age, our body becomes less efficient at clearing away senescent cells. Like rotten apples in a basket of fresh ones, senescent cells damage the healthy cells around them, which accelerates the biological aging process. Senolytic compounds, such as the OS-01 peptide, that are able to reduce the amount of senescent cells in skin, therefore, have the potential to slow down and even reverse biological aging in skin.

This may lead you to wonder just how much the OS-01 peptide is able to reduce senescent cells burden in the skin. The scientists at OneSkin ran an experiment to answer that exact question. By staining skin samples with beta-galactosidase, an enzyme that selectively stains senescent cells, before and after exposure to the OS-01 peptide, OneSkin scientists found that exposure to OS-01 promoted the reduction of senescent cells by up to 50%.

By curbing one of the key hallmarks of aging (cellular senescence), the OS-01 peptide is able to slow the aging process— ultimately turning back your skin’s biological age!

03OS-01 Offers Remarkable Improvement for Mature and Aging Skin

Now that we know how OS-01 works, let’s talk about what OS-01 actually does for mature skin.

To analyze OS-01’s effects on the skin, OneSkin’s R&D team utilized skin cells from a variety of donors of different ages and ethnicities to grow human skin models in the lab. By exposing these skin models to the OS-01 peptide, then utilizing quantitative and qualitative analysis techniques, OneSkin’s researchers were able to measure the effects of OS-01 on human skin. They were also able to calculate the skin’s biological age using MolClock, the first skin-specific molecular clock to calculate the biological age of skin.

To date, OneSkin has discovered that the OS-01 peptide reliably and effectively improves markers of skin health and aging by:

  • Improving cellular structure within the skin
  • Increasing skin’s epidermal thickness
  • Reducing the biological age of skin

OS-01 Improves Cellular Structure

OS-01’s impact on skin is visibly observable and measurable. By comparing skin histology images under a microscope, you can see that after exposure to OS-01:

  • Skin thickness increased
  • Cellular structure was enhanced
  • Connectivity was improved

These results are particularly impactful for mature skin, as they indicate that OS-01 improves skin’s barrier function and strength, both of which deteriorate with age and greatly contribute to visible signs of aging.

OS-01 Increases Epidermal Thickness

When comparing the epidermal thickness of the skin from 40 to 70 year old donors before and after exposure to OS-01, OneSkin’s scientists found that the OS-01 peptide reliably increased epidermal thickness by 18%.

This is especially exciting for people with mature skin, because, as some of you may have already observed through your own experience aging, skin tends to thin out as you grow older. This impacts not just skin’s appearance, but a person’s overall health as thinning of the skin leads to a decline in barrier function and subsequently exposes your body to potential harm from stressors and pathogens in your environment due to the increased risk of tearing and injury.

OS-01 Reduces the Biological Age of Skin

Using MolClock, OneSkin’s R&D team was able to measure the biological age of skin before and after exposure to OS-01. Before exposure, the biological age of the skin was measured to be 70.83 years old. Astoundingly, after only 5 days of exposure to the OS-01 peptide, the skin was measured to have a biological age of 68.23 years, meaning that the OS-01 peptide reduced the biological age of skin by 2.5 years in just 5 days!

These results are perhaps the most exciting of all, as OneSkin proves that exposure to the OS-01 peptide reliably reduces the biological age of skin. This means that OS-01 doesn’t just make skin look younger, it also allows skin to function like its younger self.

Clinical Evidence

The study was performed by a third party CRO and outcomes were evaluated through expert clinical grade, instrumental analysis and consumer perception. n=22, average age= 5 9.5 y. Instrumental evaluation - *vapometer analysis ** Double blind expert clinical grader evaluation

In a 12-week clinical study performed by a third party CRO, 22 participants with an average age of 59.5 years experienced a significant improvement in skin barrier function (+15%), correlating with the in vitro findings discussed above (increase of the epidermal thickness). Additionally, participants observed improvements in skin firmness, smootheness, and overall appearance, with significantly less visible wrinkles.

Putting it all together

By consistently applying OneSkin's Topical Supplements, which contain the proprietary OS-01 peptide, you can significantly rejuvenate your skin, leading to healthier looking and feeling skin. With biologically younger, healthier skin, your body is better equipped to protect itself from environmental stressors and pathogens, improving your overall health for the long-term. This is especially impactful news for those with mature skin, as it offers a way to literally turn back the clock on aging!

Are you still using trial and error to find an effective product for your mature skin? Look no further, because OneSkin has done the research for you with OS-01!


  • By reducing senescent cells burden in skin, OneSkin’s proprietary peptide, OS-01, improves skin thickness and strength and decreases skin’s biological age.
  • OS-01 increases skin thickness and improves skin barrier and integrity, allowing your body to be better protected from environmental stressors, leading to a potential improvement in overall health.

Reviewed by Alessandra Zonari, PhD, Chief Scientific Officer (CSO) and Co-Founder of OneSkin

Alessandra earned her Master’s degree in stem cell biology, and her PhD in skin regeneration and tissue engineering at the Federal University of Minas Gerais in Brazil in collaboration with the 3B’s Research Group in Portugal. Alessandra did a second post-doctoral at the University of Coimbra in Portugal. She is a co-inventor of three patents and has published 20 peer-reviewed papers in scientific journals.

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