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The first topical supplement designed to extend skin health by targeting key contributors to aging, including sun damage

The OS-01 Peptide Reverses UV Damage

OneSkin’s scientists found that the OS-01 peptide was able to repair cellular damage from UVB radiation by 39% in 30-year-old skin and by 21% in 79-year-old skin.

After exposing skin cells to UVB rays, OneSkin’s scientists compared the levels of cellular damage following no treatment or treatment with OS-01. In both cell samples, OS-01 significantly reduced UVB-induced damage — a groundbreaking victory for repairing sun damaged skin. The takeaway? In combination with sunscreen, OneSkin’s OS-01 Topical Supplements are poised to offer a comprehensive defense and repair strategy against sun damage.

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We have a secret… We aren’t a skincare company

We are a longevity company. Our team is comprised of PhD-level aging experts. We’ve spent years in a lab creating the first topical skin supplement designed to extend your skinspan; the time your skin is healthy and youthful. And here you thought all supplements were pills.

Right for all skin types
(we all age, after all)
Data-backed claims
peptide, OS-01
Developed by longevity Scientists
Vegan and cruelty free
Safe and clean ingredients

Healthy skin looks great on everyone

(Just take it from our customers!)


"Appears to work as promised, overall improved skin texture, diminished sun spots with some reduction of fine lines. "

-Gary B.

"This is the best face cream I’ve ever used. I’ve spent 40 years playing tennis in the California sun and it beat up my skin pretty badly. One skin fixed it in a month and now it gets better every week. "

-Keith w.

"I have to say that I am quite surprised how it has dialed back the sun damage on my arms and chest. I wasn't expecting this to be a by-product of this skincare line but am pleased that it is. I'll keep using it and have added it to my permanent skin care regimen. "

-Dina A.

"Used exclusively on my 74 yr old bald head. The Doctor told me the skin was destroyed. No surprise after seven years as a crop duster during Arizona summers in the 70s. After a month of using after morning shower and most evenings before bed, I am encouraged my skin is repairing damage from years in the sun without protection."

-Mike I.

"Well, after about 6 weeks, the change is noticeable, my skin looks healthier, pores are way smaller also. It's a bit pricey but you pay for what you get. I'm male, 40 years old and work as a salvage diver, all day in the sun . I generally and genetically always had good skin, this cream has made it better so I could see how someone with no so good skin could benefit tons from this product. Don't think too much about it, give it a try, invest in yourself."

-Jaime V.

"This stuff is amazing. I have to say this has had a pretty dramatic effect on my skin, which has been prematurely aged due to sun damage. I've seen a huge difference in my skin elasticity and tone. I noticed a difference after about a week and so did my wife, who bought her own bottle."

-Paul M.

"As a vibrant 72-year-old natural blonde who grew up on the Southern California beaches, then spent a lifetime doing all kinds of outdoor sports, my fair skin has seen more sun than probably most. I have had a few skin cancers removed as a result (none on my face). Being interested in helping my skin in some way, I was attracted to the clinical science behind One Skin. I had given myself until October, which will be 3 months, to see if I can detect results. I still have a month more, but already I see improvement. My face has more moisture, feels smoother, and some of the sun-created anomalies are getting less apparent."

-Christie C.

“My friend gave it to me as a gift. At first I thought, "Ugh, another useless skincare," but then she told me about all the great scientific proofs and results, so I gave it a try. It really made my skin look better, softer, and small wrinkles disappeared. I can't wait to make another order!"

-Arzu A.

"In a space that is so saturated with overhyped products, it's refreshing to see a brand that stands for evidence, efficacy, and holistic health. My skin feels brighter, softer, and overall smoother, it's my new go-to!"

-Dara E.

“I have always been obsessed with products that have both a health benefit and positive physical impact. And while there are tons of products that claim to do this on the market today, none that I’ve tried have even come close to the visibly measurable improvement in my skin I’ve seen in just 8 weeks! OneSkin is the one product I don’t see ever leaving my skin care routine!”

-Brandon S.

Scientifically and Clinically backed

OS-01 Supporting Data

We performed a 12-week clinical study to validate and quantify the impact of OS-01 in improving skin health. Our results showed that OS-01 is clinically proven to strengthen the skin barrier, reduce wrinkles, and provide remarkable visual benefits against common signs of aging and damage, making it the best product for sun damaged skin.

12 Weeks
Base Line
  • Improved Skin Barrier (Average Improvement + 15%)*
  • Improved Skin Elasticity (Shown in 90% of users)**
  • Improved Skin Evenness,
    Radiance, Pores, & Firmness (Shown in 95.5% of users)**
  • Less Wrinkles (Shown in 87% of users)
  • Improved Skin Smoothness
    & Overall Appearance (Shown in 100% of users)

*Instrumental Evaluation - Vapometer analysis

*Double-blind expert clinical grader evaluation

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Meet OS-O1, the first ingredient to target the root causes of skin aging

Our product acts at the molecular level. Our proprietary peptide, OS-O1, is scientifically proven to

Plus, it will leave you with firmer, smoother, and stronger skin.

Healthy skin is happy skin

(Just take it from our beta testers)


As a brand whose mission is to inspire healthy aging, we don’t identify with the term “anti-aging” and here’s why:

Much of the anti-aging skincare industry has been built on empty promises with top anti-aging products lacking validated claims and exploiting age-related anxiety and fear.

At OneSkin, we recognize that the goal of the best anti-aging skincare products shouldn't be only to improve appearances, which often forces consumers to compromise on long-term skin health, but rather to treat the underlying source of skin aging, a consequence of which will be improved appearances.

We are developing best-in-class solutions to aging with a new mindset - one that’s not anti-aging, but pro-aging in the healthiest and most beautiful way possible. We believe the best anti-aging treatment is one that is rooted in science, with data-backed claims. That’s why our Topical Supplement goes beyond placing a metaphorical band-aid on aging skin — it addresses the molecular changes associated with aging to not only boost skin health, but overall health as well.

Skin health is a marathon, not a sprint

In the same way you take daily vitamins to keep yourself healthy, daily application of our science-backed topical supplement promotes long-lasting effects.

Rather than creating a quick fix or a temporary relief, OneSkin promotes long-term skin health. Our topical supplement works over time, penetrating the deepest layer of the skin to stimulate change. Most users start seeing healthier, stronger, and better looking skin in 4-8 weeks with daily use.

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