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Kenneth S.

"My big passion is longevity and anything that I can do to rejuvenate my body so that instead of looking like I’ve been around the sun 78 times, it looks like I’m the 21-year-old that’s inside me."

Kenneth is a 78 year old longevity enthusiast who has made lifestyle changes in the last decade, including his more recent daily use of OS-01, rendering him to be a self-proclaimed 21-year-old! Kenneth has lived an exciting life so far, working as a military officer in his 20's, holding advanced degrees in mathematics, and later working as an economist, in IT, and as a serial entrepreneur. He currently works as a real estate developer and is living life to the fullest!

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SEP 27, 2021

01 Tell us about your skincare journey.

“My skincare was something I never really paid any attention to until OneSkin. My skin was just there... It did its job, I never paid any attention to it and I didn’t try to nurture it. Now I use OneSkin twice a day - every morning and every evening."

02 What benefits have you seen from OneSkin?


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Before & after photos, taken 3 months apart

03What got you interested in using OneSkin?

“I read the book ‘Ending Aging’, by Aubrey de Grey, in which he breaks down the problem of aging into about half a dozen categories. One of the categories is called ‘getting rid of unwanted stuff that’s in our body’, and senescent cells are part of that burden... What OneSkin is doing is attacking senescent cells which are in the skin, which accumulate over time."

04Is there anything you would say to your younger self? Any tips? Or habits you wish you’d picked up sooner?

Ken walks 2.5 kilometers in 30 minutes every morning to start his exercise routine, which is complemented by pilates to reach 1.5 hours of daily physical activity. His hat, OS-01 and sunscreen ensure that his skin stays protected during his time outside! Following the example of people in the blue zones (areas of the world in which people live long and healthy lives) Ken incorporates gardening into his life. Beyond providing healthy, organic food for his whole foods plant-based diet, this habit also facilitates time spent communing with nature.

05Tell us about some habits that have positively contributed to your longevity journey

“We are very much what we eat... No fish, no meat, no dairy, no added oils. When I started that diet, I was 68 years old, now I’m 21. That’s the difference that it made in my life...It’s a bit of a change from what we do in North America or in the developed world, but it will keep you young, it will do a lot to preserve your organs, of course, the biggest organ is the skin... it really helps the skin. Then the other thing is that you need to keep your calories down. Calorie restriction is really well proven to increase longevity.

"I am part of a select group of people who are very concerned about longevity. We are all biohackers. A biohacker is somebody who will take the latest science and apply it to themselves. It's a matter of taking control over your own destiny."

06What else would you like to say to our community?

"What people do need to know is that they can control their destiny, but they have to work at it."

"I set up this website, viva sparkle, where me and my wife record our knowledge and experiences. Gradually I am passing information onto other people, because I think like most people, I like to help others if I can. And the biggest help that I can be to anyone is my example."